The World’s Top Languages—And The Words English Has Borrowed From Them

English is known as a magpie language that picks up words from almost every other language and culture it comes in contact with, from Abenaki to Zulu. And although some languages have understandably widened the English vocabulary more than others, modern English dictionaries contain more of a geographical melting pot than ever before. Listed here—in order by number of native speakers—are the world’s top 20 languages (according to Ethnologue, a global catalog of the 7000 languages currently in use worldwide). Alongside each entry on the list are just some of the words which English has borrowed from it. The World’s Top Languages 1.CHINESE: 1197 million native speakers (MANDARIN: 848 million) Linguistically speaking, Chinese is a “macrolanguage” that encompasses dozens of different forms and dialects that together have just short of 1.2 billion native speakers. By far…
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Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Alternate name           :     Baba Saheb Date of birth               :     April 14, 1891 Place of birth              :     Mhow, Central Provinces, India Date of death              :     December 6, 1956 Place of death             :     Delhi, India Movement                  :     Dalit Buddhist movement Education                    :     London School of Economics (1922) London School of Economics (1916 – 1917) Columbia University (1913 – 1915) Elphinstone College (1908 – 1912) University of London Major Organisations  :     Independent Labour Party, Scheduled Castes Federation, Republican Party of India Religion                       :     Buddhism Awards                        :     1990 - Bharat Ratna  Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (April 14, 1891 — December 6, 1956), also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian nationalist, jurist, Dalit political leader…
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Best places to visit in India in January & February The month of February in India is a special one when the chilling winter season slowly gives way to the spring season. Popular for ‘Valentine’s Week’, February is also known as the month of celebration of love. Planning a short vacation during this time looks like an ideal option to spend some quality time with your better half.  Jaipur - Tourist place The capital and the largest city of the royal Rajasthan state, Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. A part of the most sought-after Golden triangle tour, the largest city of the state is also famed as the ‘Pink City’. Dotted with a number of tourist attractions, it was founded in November 1727 by the ruler of Amber, Maharaja Sawai Jai…
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Who is god ?

Who is God? What is He like? He is Knowable. He is Approachable. He is Creative. He is Forgiving. He is Honest. He is Capable. Don't be a long story , Your Hope is God. If you didn't hopeful you will ??? Love everyone, Forgive , smile, Happy, These all are things give you. You are the god.
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