How to Fix Outgoing SMS on iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S

iPhone Message center : If you are using  sim or some other software unlock method to unlock your iPhone and not able to send outgoing SMS.  You might have tried inserting the full area code, checking the signal, resetting  network settings, tested your SIM card on your old phone, restoring the iPhone and even setting it up as new iPhone instead of restoring it from a backup…..but hell…..nothing worked!!! So….Here is a fix for you. Interestingly enough, the problem lies with the SMS center number. First of all, you need to check  your SMS center number to make sure that it’s correct. You can check by typing  the following and press Call: *#5005*7672# You will then get the message as shown below: Setting Interrogation Succeeded Service Center  Address +919845087001 The SMS center number or Service Center Address above…
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India Mobile Message Centre/Center Number

Message Centre Number: You will not be able to send SMS if you have not set up the Message Centre number correctly. This set-up process is a one-time effort. Generally, the steps are as follows. Please use them together with your hand phone manual if necessary: STEPS: Enter Menu Mode on your hand phone Select Messages or Mail ** Select Message Setting Select SMS Centre, Message Centre Number, Route Centre or its equivalent Enter Message Centre Number: (please confirm the number from your local call Centre) Confirm selection Select Exit/Quit ** Depending on your handphone model, Message Setting could be Mail Setting or Message Editor. I have already set up the Message Centre Number. Why am I still unable to send SMS? If the problem still persists, you may call us at 121/198/customer-care and leave a…
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