Are you new entrepreneurs in India – course offer by GoI

Are you new entrepreneurs in India – course offer by GoI

Am a new entrepreneur in india, I am having lot of questions like sea !!!, The below program help to me like show the light house.  as the same its will help you.

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StartUp India Learning program

The program aims to help entrepreneurs get their ideas and ventures to the next level through structured learning. The program will help you understand areas such as:

Idea Identification and Assessment
Building a Legal Foundation
Understanding Financial Basics
Introduction to Business Planning
Fund Raising and Valuation
Pitching & Termsheet

These key areas of starting up include experiences and challenges of 40+ top founders of India.

Why should I complete the program? What is the benefit?

There are several reasons,

You have a structured approach to Entrepreneurship
You get a highly curated content with a single login
You get a B-Plan Tracker that will help you create an effective Business Plan and an effective Pitch Deck.
You get certified by Invest India, StartUp India and UpGrad for completing this program.

How much time should I invest in the program?

Ideally, you should dedicate 6-8 hours in a week, these 6-8 hours can be any time (weekends, before work, after work, etc.), timings are completely flexible.

Are there any offline sessions?

No, there won’t be any offline sessions as a part of this program.

Can I talk to experts through the program?

No, you cannot talk to the experts directly through the program.

When does my access to this content culminate?

The program will be accessible for 6 months from the day you receive your login credentials.

FAQ : About the Certificate

On 100% completion of the program, you’ll receive an email within 3 working days on your registered id with your certificate. This is a digital certificate which can also be added directly to your LinkedIn profile from the email.

100% completion is achieved through the completion of all videos and questions and does not require an additional test. You can use the progress bar to see your completion progress


I am mahendra as inventor/Entrepreneur/Blogger . I am strongly believe my self. our project are developed day by day. One day we will change the world. Thanks to by Jacque Fresco. Lot of thanks to my brother Mr.Rajesh, Mr.M.Kannan, And lovely sister Ms.R.Manimozhi and my family.

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