The World’s Top Languages—And The Words English Has Borrowed From Them

English is known as a magpie language that picks up words from almost every other language and culture it comes in contact with, from Abenaki to Zulu. And although some languages have understandably widened the English vocabulary more than others, modern English dictionaries contain more of a geographical melting pot than ever before. Listed here—in order by number of native speakers—are the world’s top 20 languages (according to Ethnologue, a global catalog of the 7000 languages currently in use worldwide). Alongside each entry on the list are just some of the words which English has borrowed from it. The World’s Top Languages 1.CHINESE: 1197 million native speakers (MANDARIN: 848 million) Linguistically speaking, Chinese is a “macrolanguage” that encompasses dozens of different forms and dialects that together have just short of 1.2 billion native speakers. By far…
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Start Up India Online Registration

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had this year in his Independence Day speech announced the “Start-up India” initiative. This initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for growth of Start-ups. WHO IS ELIGIBLE ? A startup is an entity, private, partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP) firm that is headquartered in India, which was opened less than five years ago and have an annual turnover less than Rs25 crore including new startups. To be eligible for considering as startup, the entity should not be formed by splitting up or reconstruction and its turnover should not have crossed Rs25 crore during its existence First Sight of Startup India 1. Self-Certification based compliance The Startup plan 2016 is based on Self-Certification compliance & proposes to remove compliances with labour laws (like payment of gratuity, contract…
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Types of loans in India

There are various types of loans you can take in India. However, a lot of people despite having different kind of assets go for personal loan even if they have other options where they can mortgage an existing asset and take a loan at lower interest rate. This happens because majority of us don’t know about different loan options. Loan is a certain amount of money which a borrower takes from the lender with the promise of returning it back within a fixed period of time. A certain amount of interest rate is fixed by the banks for different types of loans as applied by the borrower. The borrower pays back the interest and the money in installments according to the agreement between the two. Banks in India provide many types of loans to help. Process…
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IMPACT OF BLACK MONEY ON INDIAN ECONOMY Illegally earned money is called black money.  It is the result of hoarding, smuggling, tax evasion and dealing in immovable property for which the consideration is paid in black.  It has been beyond the control of the Government.  The black money has already created a serious problem in our country. The Indian economy stands badly shattered because of the huge amount of this trainted wealth lying in the coffers of the rich.  It has given rise to parallel economy operating in the country. As a becoming poorer while the rich go on becoming richer.  The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening every day. Black money is used by the rich in various evil activities.  They use this money for corrupting and demoralizing social and political life. …
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