How to Fix Outgoing SMS on iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S

iPhone Message center :

If you are using  sim or some other software unlock method to unlock your iPhone and not able to send outgoing SMS.  You might have tried inserting the full area code, checking the signal, resetting  network settings, tested your SIM card on your old phone, restoring the iPhone and even setting it up as new iPhone instead of restoring it from a backup…..but hell…..nothing worked!!!

So….Here is a fix for you.

Interestingly enough, the problem lies with the SMS center number. First of all, you need to check  your SMS center number to make sure that it’s correct. You can check by typing  the following and press Call:


You will then get the message as shown below:

Setting Interrogation Succeeded Service Center  Address +919845087001

The SMS center number or Service Center Address above is for Airtel India which is +919845087001.

Now, if yours is incorrect you can update it by typing the following and  followed by pressing Call:


SMSCENTERMBER would be your mobile service provider’s Service  Center Address. You can Google for it or call your customer support center.

As an example, if you’re on Sunrise Switzerland, the message center number is  +41765980000, so the command would be:


Once you’ve done the above you will see the following message:

Setting Succeeded Service Center Address No  Address

To confirm if the number is correct, type the following again and press  Call:


It’s strange that Apple doesn’t incorporate a direct editing feature under  Settings. I remember I can edit this number quite easily on an old Nokia  phone.

Oh, Well…and just to remind you, you can get rid of all these irritating troubles just by getting your iPhone officially unlocked.

If its fail setting failed service center address no address

Reset your Phone , Contact mobile carrier Otherwise apple store.


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