India Mobile Message Centre/Center Number

Message Centre Number:

You will not be able to send SMS if you have not set up the Message Centre number correctly. This set-up process is a one-time effort. Generally, the steps are as follows. Please use them together with your hand phone manual if necessary:
Enter Menu Mode on your hand phone
Select Messages or Mail **
Select Message Setting
Select SMS Centre, Message Centre Number, Route Centre or its equivalent
Enter Message Centre Number:
(please confirm the number from your local call Centre)
Confirm selection
Select Exit/Quit
** Depending on your handphone model, Message Setting could be Mail Setting or Message Editor.

I have already set up the Message Centre Number. Why am I still unable to send SMS?

If the problem still persists, you may call us at 121/198/customer-care and leave a request, you can also send in your requests through email or SMS at customer-care 121 /198.

To facilitate investigation, we require the following information:

Your mobile number
The receiving partys mobile phone number
Date and time the message was sent
The cellphone brand and model used
The display on the cellphone when the message was sent
The network logged on to
The message Centre number set up in the cellphone

BSNL Message Centre Number
+919440099997 (for old Numbers),
+919442099997 (for New Numbers),

Idea :+919847099996

AirTel :+919895051914

vodafone : +919846000040

Reliance GSM :+919020000500

AIRCEL :+919809099060

TATA DOCOMO :+919032055002

Uninor : +919084051550

why didn’t the intended recipient receive my SMS?

Here are some possible causes for delays in the receiving of SMS:
SIM Card memory is full. The recipient should delete some of the unwanted messages to enable more memory space.
The intended recipient did not turn on his phone or is not within coverage.
The recipients battery power is depleted.
The message center may be experiencing congestion at that point in time.





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