WWE is Wasting our money Vs Why Jallikattu Was Stop ?

WWE  Vs Jallikattu :

WWE?, is not the kind of Entertainment and at any cause it cannot be considered as a kind of wrestling even !!, Mankind is getting reduced to the least. Children are getting addicted to it and WWE their spoiling their life to the core.

Please stop this bullshit !!,

In revenue wise wwe : Check the how much their earn  ?


Note : Amount in mill.


We have the society for animals blue cross.  For humans we have Human Right isn’t ?

In South India the famous Ancient game called Jallikattu, (ஏறுதழுவல், ērutazhuval ) Indian Justices stop the game due to animal wrights .

But WWE ?, How they are allowed in India ?, Because WWE is a comedy program, isn’t ?

In case Jallikattu will be allowed .

  1. MNCs will be investing in India and Telecasting Jallikattu to world wide, Because Indian govt. will allow only MNCs not the indian companiaes. Eg. T20, Pro Kabadi, etc.
  2.   The Ancient game related to Tamilan. They will kill us (Tamilans) not to allow us to live for our life Eg. LTTE dead, eelam ends in 2010.
  3. Money / Authority both are not with us, the reason behind that is “WE ARE MINORITY” in our own land

Reason for Jallikattu Ban : –

Animal activists, the FIAPO (Federation of India Animal Protection Agencies)[14] and PETA India have protested against the practice over the years.[6] The Animal Welfare Board of India filed a case in the Supreme Court of India for an outright ban on Jallikattu because of the cruelty to animals and the threat to public safety involved. Protestors point out that Jallikattu is promoted as bull taming, but that there is no ‘taming’ involved at all. Jallikattu exploits the bulls’ natural nervousness as prey animals by deliberately placing them in a terrifying situation in which they are forced to run away from those they perceive as predators. The practice effectively involves catching a terrified animal, not taming it.[15]

On 27 November 2010, the Supreme Court permitted the Government of Tamil Nadu to allow Jallikattu for five months in a year and directed the District Collectors to make sure that the animals that participate in Jallikattu are registered to the Animal Welfare Board and in return the Board would send its representative to monitor over the event.[16] The Government of Tamil Nadu ordered that 2 lakh (US$2,900) be deposited by the organizers in case of an accident or injury during the event and enacted a rule to allow a team of veterinarians would be present at the venue for certifying the bulls for participation in the event and to provide treatment for bulls that get injured.[16]

The Ministry of Environment and Forests issued a notification in 2011 that banned the use of bulls as performing animals, thereby banning the event[17][18] But the practice continued to be held under Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009. On 7 May 2014, the Supreme Court of India struck down the state law and banned Jallikattu altogether.[18] The Supreme Court noted that any flouting of the ban should result in penalties for cruelty to animals under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.[17][19] The court also asked the Government of India to amend the law on preventing cruelty to animals to bring bulls within its ambit. The Supreme Court also ruled that cruelty is inherent in these events, as bulls are not anatomically suited for such activities and making them participate is subjecting them to unnecessary pain and suffering, so such events were outlawed.[20][21]

On 8 January 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Forests permitted the continuation of the tradition under certain conditions, effectively ending the ban. After hearing the petitions which were led by the Animal Welfare Board of India challenging central government’s notification, the Supreme Court of India on 12 January 2016 ordered a stay, issued notices to the central government and Tamil Nadu Government and later refused to lift the stay.[28]

Conclusion : Money / Authority both are not with us, the reason behind that is “WE ARE MINORITY” in our own land (Tamilnadu)


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