How To Convert From .blogspot To A Custom Domain Name

Google created a blogging platform where individuals can start a blog or blogs to
talk about whatever they feel like blogging about.The google blogs which are sub domains ending with

started making waves
on the world wide web because of their ease of use and most importantly, how free they


Most new Bloggers start with the google blogspot domain To get some knowledge of the
technology of blogging.

But in real sense, using blogspot sub domain for a business or company domain shows lack off
professionalism and so it is advisable to change your sub domain To a custom Domain.

In this post, I would teach you, giving you a step by step tutorial on How To Convert
Blogspot Domain To Custom Domain With GoDaddy though there are other hosting
companies like bigrock, hostigator etc but i will use inwayhosting in my explanation

So, How To Convert Blogspot Domain To Custom Domain With Lot of domain resellers.

you just buy a domain as starting at rates near by Rs.199, or us$ 4.

its will support you..


I am mahendra as inventor/Entrepreneur/Blogger . I am strongly believe my self. our project are developed day by day. One day we will change the world. Thanks to by Jacque Fresco. Lot of thanks to my brother Mr.Rajesh, Mr.M.Kannan, And lovely sister Ms.R.Manimozhi and my family.

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